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Fall Television Preview: Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a great show. Nowhere else on television do you have a show that clearly illustrates the myriad differences between the Left and Right political views. The show is funny and well written and it hits on some really strong family and moral issues without coming off preachy.

Who knows, maybe everyone else who watches the show laughs at Tim Allen’s character and feels like he is the butt of all the jokes, but I feel like he is the strong character in this series, the father figure and businessman, and the other characters play opposing characters in many of the situations. I grew up with Home Improvement, and was worried that this show would just be a rehash of that one, but there are some clear differences while still retaining some of the things that really made HI a great show.

Whether it was Tool Time Tim Taylor or Outdoor Man Mike Baxter, Tim Allen has great delivery of the funny one liners and comebacks. Nancy Travis plays Mike’s wife, a geologist, and is really an awesome counterpoint to Tim’s character. Overall the whole family, for lack of a better phrase, plays well together. This is a refreshing show from ABC and it is nice to see that it has lasted four seasons.

Kick back and check out the season premier tonight for Last Man Standing.

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