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Fall Television Preview: Law & Order SVU

Law & Order SVU

You have to think back many years to remember a time when Law & Order SVU did not exist on NBC. The show opens for a 16th season tonight.

One of the most consistent parts of SVU has been Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson. As the show returns, Detective Benson is preparing for her new role as Sergeant Benson. Along with the promotion, Benson also gained a child during the end of last season. Expect her life with Noah to be a major focal point this season.

Some new blood is showing up this season as well. New detective Dominick Carisi, who goes by Sonny, is a seasoned veteran of the force joining the team. Peter Scanavino will be playing the new detective. Also joining the show later this season will be actor Peter Gallagher as he assumes the role of Deputy Chief William Dodds. Expect him to oversee Olivia in her role as leader of the team.

The underlying theme of the season will be Olivia’s new role as a mom to Noah. The baby was found in a room by himself during an episode last season. In a later episode, Ellie, a prostitute the team was investigating, proved to be his mother when her DNA matched his in the system. Enter her pimp, Little Tino, who takes matters into his own hands by killing Ellie.

Little Tino will rear his head once again this season, this time with Noah in his sights.


The show continues to move along and brings a very strong following with it. Law & Order SVU seems to be poised to stay for quite a while.

Law & Order SVU airs at 9 pm eastern on NBC.

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