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Fall Television Preview: The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

Three seasons ago, Fox brought New Girl to the masses and introduced an all-new, quirky comedy to their audience. In an effort to compliment their new-found hit, they brought The Mindy Project to the station the following year. As New Girl enters its fourth season, The Mindy Project will enter a third. Fox has a one-two punch of awkward to draw comedy fans to their channel.

Mindy Kaling, who writes and produces, is the actress behind the title role. Kaling, who fans remember from her days as Kelly Kapoor on The Office, brings to life Mindy Lahiri on the screen. Lahiri is a successful career woman who cannot seem to find the same level of success in her personal life. Her awkward approach to the dating scene yields the ire of her friends, who continually try and help her on this adventure.

As season two came to a close, it appeared that Lahiri would be embarking on a new journey in the upcoming season. Following a similar path as New Girl, the third season appears to be starting with Mindy in a relationship. The show has paired her with co-star Chris Messina’s Danny Castellano.  Fans of the show are buzzing over the sneak peak that Fox has posted, which you can watch below.

Having a show based around a concept of a character chasing a relationship is tried and true. Having that character find a relationship this early can be a gamble. The show takes on a new life and that can be a complicated tight rope to walk. Fox proved that they could shift those gears efficiently with New Girl. They can only hope that The Mindy Project can follow the same approach.

Fox is counting on The Mindy Project and New Girl to keep charging forward on Tuesday nights. The weeks ahead will bring an immense amount of competition to the two comedy giants as the other networks attempt to grab part of the Tuesday night viewership.

Share your thoughts on The Mindy Project in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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