Fall Television Preview: Mulaney


Fox debuts a new comedy on Sunday night that is not animated. Mulaney has found a home on the network.

A late 20-something comedian is trying to find his way in New York and make it big. Along the way, he develops some great friendships with some quirky people. The interactions with those people tend to provide just enough distraction to provide typical comedy situations between his stand up segments.

Sound familiar?

Add a puffy shirt, say it is a show “about nothing” and have the neighbor come crashing into a room and it sounds a lot like Seinfeld, one of the most successful comedies ever. The creators of Mulaney are well aware of that.

In fact, they say it themselves. While they are not trying to be Seinfeld or even cocky enough to say that they will be the next Seinfield, they admit that the show will draw comparisons. They are ready for that and equally ready to prove that they are different.

John Mulaney is a comedian, a former Saturday Night Live writer and the creator of the self-titled show. He wants to remain true to his life and make it a show about his work in stand up. He had no desire to create a false profession that would somehow explain the character’s large amount of free time to interact with those around him. He has stood his ground and is anxious to bring his vision to the world.

Elliot Gould and Martin Short bring their expertise to the cast. Nasim Pedrad follows her fellow SNL alum to the new show. Zack Pearlman and Seaton Smith help round out the cast. The supporting group will help propel the show forward.



Mulaney is a step away from the animated lineup that has made Fox famous on Sunday nights. The venture is a bit of a gamble but may just work. With the shows leading in to Mulaney, they certainly have a good chance.

Mulaney airs on Fox Sunday nights at 9:30 pm eastern time.

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