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Fall Television Preview: The Mysteries Of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura

Debra Messing returns to television tonight on the network she has almost always called home. NBC will debut The Mysteries of Laura to viewers in a special preview episode.

Fans of Messing will be excited to see the former star of one-time hit comedy Will & Grace in a new role. Her last show, Smash, drew mixed reviews despite an ensemble cast that carried it through. Now, she looks to take on crime as Laura Diamond.

The show’s description describes the title character as a “brilliant NYPD homicide detective”. To add some depth to the character and keep The Mysteries of Laura from being your average crime show, of which NBC has many, Diamond’s home life will be a major focus.

That home life seems to be quite a mess. An ex-husband, also a cop, who refuses to sign divorce papers isn’t much help. An unruly set of twin boys keep her on her toes. Her partner on the force helps her keep it all together as the show takes a “hilariously authentic look” at working motherhood.

Looking for yet another hook for this show? That partner is described as “sexy” in the show’s description, laying the groundwork for the prototypical sexual tension that makes these types of shows tick.  Here’s a look at the trailer:

The show seems like it might be just funny enough to succeed. Once again, the problem may be the season that it is debuting. Massive debuts are just around the corner for every station and shows like The Mysteries of Laura, no matter how good they are, find themselves cancelled without reason. The biggest problem with this show may be trying to get viewers to believe in Messing as a tough New York cop. After her goofy and dramatic roles in the past, asking viewers to accept her in a role that is such a stark contrast to her iconic past is asking a lot.

The Mysteries of Laura drops in for a “preview” episode tonight before finding a home on Wednesdays at 8pm eastern time.

Share your thoughts on The Mysteries of Laura in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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