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Fall Television Preview: Nashville


Nashville is one of those shows that combines a fast paced drama with great music to create a blend that is hard to resist. I know that not everyone loves country music, but Nashville is about more than that the music. This show is about the people, the relationships, and the hardships. This show is about decisions and consequences, love and hate, and trying to survive when your livelihood could be destroyed by the whims of public perception.

Following the lives and careers of a multitude of different classic stars, rising stars, and wannabees or hopefuls, Nashville is a solid drama that, with the mix of great original music, creates an atmosphere that draws the viewer in and makes them care about the characters and events. My wife and I have been watching the show since the beginning and have really become invested in the characters. What will happen with Juliette now that she is alone again? Will Scarlett sing again? What about Rayna and her investment in Highway 65 Music?

There are so many interwoven storylines that make for an engaging show. Whether it is the pop starlet Juliette and all of her problems or the queen of Nashville, Rayna James, there is always conflict. The show has dealt with suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction, abuse, mental illness, and more personal issues. Every episode has been good and we look forward to seeing what this new season brings. Excellent writing and solid stories. Check out the trailer and tune in tonight. It looks like Rayna may have an important choice on her hands, so which guy she picks.

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