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Fall Television Preview: NCIS Los Angeles

NCIS Los Angeles

CBS has become known for spinoffs of their police dramas. CSI has created multiple shows. NCIS is joining the party.

NCIS: Los Angeles, the initial spinoff from the NCIS franchise will return for a sixth season tonight. Not only is it back, but it is back with a bang.

When we left off last season, viewers were left in suspense as Sam and Callen, played by LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell respectively, were in a dire situation. Working undercover, they find themselves in a submarine that they suspect is smuggling drugs from Mexico to the United States. They learn that the sub is more of the terrorist variety than it is the smuggling variety. They quickly realize the only way to protect America might be to sacrifice themselves.

Of course, they may not have to sacrifice their lives. Protocol for dealing with a hostile submarine approaching the U.S. shoreline would be to shoot it down. Their country may be make the choice for them.

The rest of the team is on the case and doing what they can to save both the nation and their coworkers. Indeed, the two find themselves in good hands.

To add to the suspense, the episode will be shot in real time. Season six will kick off with viewers living the same hour of intensity that the characters are dealing with.


NCIS: Los Angeles airs on CBS Monday nights at 10 pm eastern time.

Share your thoughts on NCIS: Los Angeles in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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