Fall Television Preview: Parenthood


As Parenthood debuts for the sixth time on NBC tonight, it will be the final one. The longstanding drama will call it quits after this year.

Cue the tear-jerking episodes.

The season promises to be a powerful one for the cast of Parenthood. As last season drew to a close, Amber had some shocking news in the form of a positive pregnancy test. Ryan, a former love interest, had come back into the picture. Of course, Ryan was also involved in a pretty bad car accident that had him in the hospital. The pregnancy has been confirmed through trailers this summer. Amber and Ryan will be a big part of the final season.

Joel and Julia split last season. It appeared they were headed for reconciliation until Joel did not show up at the Braverman dinner. How their relationship will recover, or not, has fans on the edge of their seats. It does appear that Hank was able to win Sarah’s affection back, however. They seem to be heading into the blissful reunion that Joel and Julia could not find.

Haddie came roaring back onto the show just before season five wrapped up. She came back with a friend in tow. Before the season was over, viewers learned that Haddie’s friend was her girlfriend and she was ready to come out of the closet. Adam and Kristina were more than accepting of that fact, though watching an adjustment period this season could still be interesting.

That Braverman dinner that Joel skipped out on? It was the last. At least in the home they grew up in. Zeek and Camille agreed to sell the house before the end of the season and used the dinner as a final send off.



Parenthood will put a wrap on the series this year. Fans will tune in to see heartbreak, loving moments and everything in between.

Parenthood airs on Thursday night at 10 pm eastern time.

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