Fall Television Preview: Person of Interest

Person of Interest

Person of Interest is an action-drama that moves pretty slow when the action is not happening. The premise of the show, which returns tonight for a fourth season, is part science-fiction, part big brother.

The show centers around a computer program that uses the various technology driven surveillance systems around the world and a highly complicated algorithm to predict the future.  Once it has determined that a person is in danger, it engages a team of individuals to help protect that person and get them out of harm’s way.

Confused yet? You should be, it is a J.J. Abrams production, after all.

At the center of the show is Michael Emerson, who gained an almost cult following for his work on Lost. His character, Harold Finch, designed the program. He still communicates with the program to locate the next target based on a crazy, Dewey Decimal System formula.

Finch works with his muscle, John Reese. The cold, calculating and matter-of-fact Reese is played by Jim Caviezel. While he is busy working all the leads, he finds support from Detective Lionel Fusco, played by Kevin Chapman. Sameen Shaw, played by Sarah Shahi, teams with Reese often to help with the physical side of the fight.

As season three came to a close, the team was scattered and the program had been defeated. As the new season opens, the team is found working ordinary jobs under new identities. This leads to a comedic beginning to the new season as fans are treated to their favorite characters in very strange outlets.

It is Reese and Shaw who are anxious to get back to work. Surprisingly, it is Finch showing restraint and concern. Look no further than Root, the hacker played by Amy Acker, to find someone to pull him out of his funk and back to the task at hand.



Person of Interest begins this season as one of the most watched dramas on television. There is plenty of ground to cover as the writers bring the team back together after the events that ended season three. The new season should be an interesting blend of rebuilding and then tearing down again. It is a delicate balancing act but one that Person of Interest has proven capable of.

If you’re looking for a drama with a touch of a science-fiction feel, Person of Interest may be the best show you haven’t started watching yet.

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