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Fall Television Preview: Revenge


The twisting and turning drama that is Revenge returns to ABC Sunday nights for a fourth season. The new season comes with the tagline “Will Victoria Grayson succeed in destroying Emily Thorne once and for all?”

The upcoming season will continue to provide viewers with the twists and turns they have come to love the show for. The trailer was chock full of tidbits toward the season and left many fans wondering what all they were supposed to see.

It looks like there is a gay relationship brewing for a pair of ladies on the show. The scene in the bedroom certainly suggested that Charlotte may be involved. Time will tell. Victoria looks like she gets attacked in the preview but the camera doesn’t quite let us know who it was doing the attacking. David Clarke looks to be breaking into his old house, you know, the one Emily currently occupies. Is it time they come face to face? Is this a scene from episode one or later in the season?

Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, lands a regular role this year. Brain Hallisay joins the cast as a love interest for Emily, who’s recent love is barely cold. Elena Satine, most recently from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., also joins the cast as a slightly unhinged black sheep of daughter of a wealthy southern family.


One big change headed to fans, this season will not start with a flash forward scene. The idea, believe it or not, is to be able to add more twists to the show.

Revenge airs on ABC Sunday nights at 10 pm eastern time.

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