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Fall Television Preview: Scandal


Twists and turns and plots be damned, Scandal is back on television tonight on ABC. The political drama returns tonight for a fourth season with a lot of questions to answer and many more turns in store.

As last season came to a close, viewers got their fill of things to chew on over the summer. Olivia attempted to repair the massive unraveling by leaving the capitol with Jake. Unfortunately for her, it just didn’t work out.

Rowan arranged to have Jerry Jr killed to help secure Fitz’ reelection. Maya Pope had the murder pinned on her. Harrison figured out what really happened, just to wind up dead himself in Rowan’s effort to ensure it remain a secret.

Huck found out his family was still alive, thanks to his new flame Quinn, and ended the season at his wife’s door. Prior to that, he made sure that Quinn was aware that he wanted no future contact with her. Now, this season, we’ll see Huck trying to find a way to reunite his family while Quinn tries to figure out life without him.

After losing his son, Fitz will poor his life into his work this season. It gives the character a new personality twist that won’t go over so well with everyone. He’s ready to cross party-lines in an extreme effort, but his boat-rocking will make those above him a bit nervous.

Don’t forget about Olivia and Jake. It’s not like they are going to stay away from D.C. for long. Scandal needs them back in the heat of the kitchen.


Scandal airs on Thursday night at 9 pm eastern time.

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