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Fall Television Preview: Scorpion


As if Monday nights are not crowded enough on television this season, CBS brings a action-packed drama to the lineup. The much anticipated debut of Scorpion arrives tonight after a full hour of The Big Bang Theory.

The show brings an interesting hodgepodge of a cast together as a group of geniuses recruited to assist Homeland Security. The group of super geeks is enhanced by a seemingly normal young lady with a very gifted son. Together, they form the Scorpion Team of Homeland Security.

The cast features a few faces that people remember for roles from the past. Katherine McPhee, most recently of the ironically named drama Smash on NBC, assumes the role of Paige Dineen. In the previews leading up to the debut, Dineen seems confused by her inclusion in the group. Her son’s gift has led her to the group. Her ability to interact with the rest of the world seems to make her valuable.

Agent Cabe Gallo, who oversees the group of young misfits, is played by Robert Patrcik. Patrick is the seasoned veteran both in role and as an actor. It is hard to pin down where fans will remember Patrick from in his long resume of roles. Most recently, he appeared in True Blood and the television adaptation of From Dusk Till Dawn.

The most interesting addition to the cast may be Eddie Kaye Thomas. While Thomas has a lengthy resume of his own, fans will remember his iconic role of Finch in the various American Pie movies.

The show, which proudly boasts being based on a true story, will follow young actor Elyes Gabel as Walter O’Brien, the mastermind of forming the group. Viewers will likely recognize Gabel from World War Z or Game of Thrones. O’Brien will be the centerpiece to a story that seems like it could go in multiple directions.

All in all, Scorpion looks like it has the ability to be a good show if embraced properly. It will take over nicely for Intelligence, which was cancelled after one season by CBS.

The show will also look to stretch the idea of what many view as a genius. The geniuses in this show will cover all fields. They are comprised of individuals who are highly mechanical, very tech savvy, a behaviorist and a statistician. This is not your normal brand of geek. It does provide a comprehensive team to take on all threats.

Also of note is the interesting pairing to start the season off with The Big Bang Theory leading into it. CBS is hoping that viewers will want to tune in to watch geeks on television for multiple hours every Monday night. That could prove to be the launching pad Scorpion needs or the death sentence it receives.

Scorpion airs Monday nights at 9 pm eastern on CBS.

Share your thoughts on Scorpion in the comments below and stay tuned to Comic Booked for Fall Television Previews on many more shows.

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