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Fall Television Preview: The Simpsons

The Simpsons

As The Simpsons debuts for a landmark 26th season, a major character will die.

The animated giant will unveil the latest season on Fox as the creators continue to chug along. In the interest of shaking things up, creators leaked the upcoming death almost a year ago. Since then, they have let loose minor details here and there that have kept fans guessing. Which Simpson character will die? That simple question just leads to more cryptic answers.

Here’s what we know: According to a recent interview, the death will be influenced by religion. We know that the Executive Producer Al Jean mentioned reassuring the actor that they would not be done working on The Simpsons. Reading into that reveals that the actor must only voice the one character. We also know that the actor in question has won an Emmy Award for the role. That leads fans in a pretty good direction.

In related news to the premier, David Hyde Pierce will have a guest spot on the season opener. During another recent interview, Jean confirmed Pierce would be in the episode but would not reveal any more. He suggested that revealing more would give the secret away.

I have no first hand knowledge, but I believe that the information points us to a specific character. Krusty The Clown, whom the episode will center around, will be close to the character that dies. The death will be the reason Pierce is on the show. I’m not sure this deserves to be called a spoiler as it is just my guess. That said, I fully believe that Rabbi Krustofski will die tonight.

He is voiced by Jackie Mason, who only voices the Rabbi on the show. He won an Emmy for his work in the role. The father of a character dying still allows for many flashback or sub-conscience thoughts to occur. The choice seems logical.


Tune in to see if I am right or if another character will find their way off the show.

The Simpsons airs on Fox Sunday nights at 8 pm eastern time.

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