Fall Television Preview: Stalker


In case you were not getting enough creepy crime drama from one station, CBS introduces Stalker to the world tonight.

Dylan McDermott returns to CBS in the new series after the cancellation of Hostages. He joins Maggie Q, of Nikita fame, as detectives from the LAPD special stalker division.

The duo will track down various criminals that are qualified as stalkers. It is truly a scourge of the earth type show that is as much thriller as it is drama. Which is actually quite fitting.

Behind the scenes is Kevin Williamson. Williamson is the brain behind The Following and Scream. He is no stranger to providing some thrills based on situations the human mind will evolve. The show may be one of the worst on television to watch before you go to bed if the previews are any clue.

The series seems to set the mindset that victims of these stalkers are only safe when the task force is around. Other police officers fail miserably or show a complete lack of interest in helping the victims. The victims find themselves in some of the most horrific kidnapping situations imaginable, stretching reality to tap into a person’s fear of the extreme.



Stalker airs on CBS Wednesday nights at 10 pm eastern time.

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