Fall Television Preview: Supernatural


The CW brings one of its most popular shows to date back for a tenth season tonight. Supernatural returns with some big loose ends to tie up.

The tenth season will also feature a landmark 200th episode. That episode will create enough speculation on its own. The season ahead has the ability to leave you a bit dizzy. The Winchester brothers are headed down a path no one anticipated.

We ended the ninth season with the surprise that Dean is a demon. This season opens a few months after Dean left and Sam still has no idea what happened to his brother. He found the note, took it at face value, and will need to face reality very soon. The season will start with Sam trying to find Dean before it starts dealing with what Sam has to do when he finds him.

What Sam has to do is still a mystery but it appears that his actions will take Supernatural fans in a new direction. All that is being leaked is that Sam will take a very dark turn and make some questionable moral choices. That will keep fans engaged for a while for sure.

Castiel and Cowley have their own growing to do this season. The writers promise that they will get as much focus as the brothers. Each character will see substantial growth through this season.


Supernatural airs on The CW Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm eastern time.

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