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Fall Television Preview: Survivor


Reality television king Survivor returns tonight on CBS. Host Jeff Probst will return to host the 29th season of the show. The competition will result in someone winning $1 million and the title “Sole Survivor”.

The show returns to a recent style, giving a subtitle of “Blood Vs Water” to this season. The idea changes the strategy up a bit. Instead of 18 contestants showing up to compete on their own, nine sets of couples will show up to the island looking to compete. The last season that Blood Vs Water was the theme, the groups were immediately split into two tribes of nine people, with the couples split up immediately. Each tribe then had to eliminate someone without having time to even introduce themselves. Survivor fans know that, at some point during the season, the survivors merge into one tribe. In the past, the focus was to eliminate people that still had a loved one in the game rather then let the merge happen and reunite them.

Also returning this year is Exile Island. This twist puts a person on an island by themselves, cut off from being able to campaign or socialize. The social part of the game is important to survivors trying to ensure that they are able to stay in the game. Exile Island creates a true challenge to a portion of the game that is crucial to, well, survival. In order to determine who goes to Exile Island each week, two loved ones will be pit against each other in a competition. The winner gets reward for their tribe. The loser is off to Exile Island.

For the first time in a while, there is no returning Survivor contestants. Sure, there are some faces that fans of other reality shows will recognize, but none have played Survivor before. You can meet the cast in the video below.


Survivor has promised that the first immunity challenge tonight will feature the “hardest puzzle in Survivor history”. Professional baseball player John Rocker will look to redeem his public perception though previews do not suggest that he will succeed in that venture. His temper, coupled with his lack of a verbal filter, should make things interesting as long as he is in the game.

Survivor airs with a special 90-minute episode tonight but will assume its normal position Wednesdays at 8 pm eastern.

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