Fall Television Preview: Utopia

Utopia on Fox

Given the opportunity to recreate society with your own ideals and beliefs is an interesting concept. Extending that idea to the thought that other people would have to come together to agree on those ideals is a frightening venture. In Fox’s new reality series Utopia, that concept will be explored over the course of a year.

The series will take 15 strangers, from different beliefs and backgrounds, and task them to rebuild society. They will be placed on a three-acre lot and closed away from society. They will be charged with building from the ground up. No food, no shelter, no laws, no outside contact.

The diversity of the group is quite alarming. As you will see in the trailer below, the group is a combustible element to the show, to say the least. At one point, a cast member notes that he “grew up Muslim” while another states “I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins”. If those styles don’t work well together, the third cast member gives his belief in the structure of Utopia by saying “I would immediately do away with all religions”.

One male cast member wants to be president, one female cast member notes that America has consistently struggled with budgetary issues with men in charge and yet another male cast member says he believes a woman should preside over Utopia. A younger male wants to relax, play music and party. He is immediately followed by a female cast member who states that she believes in being a productive member of society.

It is a social experiment for the ages. Obviously, Fox has brought together the extreme opposites to see how they will coincide and provide entertaining television. They have also brought together people with unique talents to ensure they can survive. Finally, we get teased that they will have to deal with “the arrival of new pioneers”.

The truly interesting concept is that Fox has created a bit of a loophole to the experiment. Utopian citizens can be banished, and replaced, from the colony. The revolving door should keep things fresh and bring a bit of strategy to the show. While the social experiment is not a game with any prizes, cast members will need to weigh the options of banishing someone useful due to their inability to be socially acceptable.

It all lines up for an entertaining and educational experiment that debuts tonight, September 7, on Fox.

After that, the regular time slots for Utopia are Tuesdays at 8/7c and Fridays at 9/8c.

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