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Fall Television Preview: The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries


Yeah, well, it is October and we are celebrating Shocktober, here at Comic Booked, so you can jump over and read about the history of some of your favorite monsters, like vampires. Plus, you can check out a preview of the new season of the Vampire Diaries on the CW. You beautiful people who are also vampires and stuff having drama and romance. Does that about sum this show up?

Just kidding. There is a lot to this show, and I do not want to spoil anything for anyone. I will tell you that tonight’s premier will just us ahead four months after the events of the Season Five finale. A lot of things are changing for these sexy vampires. First, they still think that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) are dead. Also, they are leaving Mystic Falls, their home. Why? Watch and find out.

Another interesting thing happening this season is that there will be some flashbacks to the 1990s. We know that many of the vampires have lived for centuries, but now we get to see how they fared through a decade that really started the whole popularity of vampires with Anne Rice novels and a myriad of movies. There has also been a rumor that the group will be meeting a lot of new faces. Tune in tonight for the premier of Season Six of The Vampire Diaries and check out the promo right here on Comic Booked.

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