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Fall Television Preview: Z Nation

Z nation

You know someone was sitting around and saying “What we really need is another zombie/vampire/werewolf show… The Walking Dead does pretty well, let’s do that!” Maybe not exactly that way, but they have to come up with a twist that doesn’t feel like they are just another wannabe, right? That is where this new show on Syfy may shine. Z Nation takes the zombie show and adds an interesting level of flavor that may make it a lot of fun and, hopefully, helps it be a success.

Back in May I did an article summarizing some of the cool looking new shows coming to Syfy this year. Z Nation was one of those, and you can read that original article here. Now, we are poised to see the launch of this new show and see if it will hold it’s own against the weight of The Walking Dead. The premise of this show sounds a little more focused and suspenseful.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us and there is only one group who can save the world. The show is set three years after the desolation wreaked by the zombie virus. Now, a rag tag band of regular people have to escort the only survivor of the zombie plague from New York to California. And they have to do it in 24 hours! No, not really, but that would be a cool mash up of a movie and the premise for this TV show.



Just kidding, but it does sound cool. So here is a look at the trailer for Z Nation. Tune in Friday, September 12, 2014, for the premier and see what there is to be scared of. Also, check out more on the official site.


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