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Famous Comic Book Characters that Inspired Games

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Many of us were brought up on comics such as those from Marvel and DC Comics. As a result of this, many of the characters from comics have gone on to become truly cult characters that are known all around the world. Not only have these characters kept readers entertained and thrilled over the years but the fact that they have broken into other industries means that they have gained even more fans over recent decades.

Famous comic book characters such as Superman, Spider-Man and Batman have not just remained within the pages of comic books. We have now seen them on the small screen, the big screen, and they have even been the subject of games including both board games and casino games such as those found at Betway casino.

Games based on these characters

Over the years, a number of traditional board games have been developed based around one of a number of world famous comic book characters. Games such as the Captain America board game and the Amazing Spider-Man Game have helped to keeps children, adults and entire families entertained for many decades.

gamingOf course, we now live in a digital era so it is only natural that these comic book character games have also become available online. Many casinos such as Betway offer games based around comic book characters such as the exciting Hellboy game from Betway. There are many other casino games that are based around comic book characters such as Superman, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man to name but a few.

Another industry that these characters have had a huge impact upon is the merchandising industry, with many different types of merchandise now available to fans of comic book characters. This includes everything from character models through to t-shirts, posters, stationery, hats, scarves, mugs, socks, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The fact that these comic book characters have broken the mould and branched out into other industries means that more and more people can now enjoy being entertained by them. Whereas they were once found solely between the pages of comic books, they can now be enjoyed in animation or movies, through board and online games, and even at one of the huge conventions that have now become so popular amongst fans of comic book characters.

Cut & Print - BvS trailer
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The popularity of characters such as Superman and Batman in various industries has helped to seal their fate and success when it comes to entertainment history.

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