Fan Trailer: Star Wars: Legends

Star Wars: Legends

In this fan made trailer from 2007, we are promised a new take on Star Wars that trumps all other versions. Star Wars: Legends imagines a new version of the classic films for their 30th anniversary that includes characters and stories from the expanded universe. Scenes from the original movies are edited together with scenes from Star Wars video games, fan films and other sources to give us a taste of something that is at the same time very familiar, yet enchantingly new. We are promised a more in depth look at the most recognizable characters from the films including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo. In addition, we are introduced to characters pulled from comics, novels and video games, like Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo, the children of Han and Leia, Mara Jade and many more. Combining over thirty years worth of material culled from a myriad of sources, this is the ultimate vision of the Star Wars saga.

Tell us what you think? Is this the kind of thing that you expect from Star Wars Episode 7? Or, does this look even more awesome? With the decision to throw out the Star Wars canon, the option of seeing most of these characters may not be an option anymore. We can always hope to see Mara Jade and the Skywalker children in some shape or form in the future of Star Wars.

Check out more from creator Mac Dominic Rienzo on his webspace.

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