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The Fantastic Four Are Coming Back!


This morning on Twitter, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski triumphantly declared;

“It’s official!!

Earlier this week Cebulski and Marvel were teasing a big announcement coming later in the week. For this humble comic book fan, the return of the Fantastic Four is as big of an announcement as the come. And that is exactly what happened this morning via a brief video starring the EIC himself.

The Fantastic Four Are Coming Back!

The new series, launching with the upcoming “Fresh Start” campaign will feature the return of Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm as the Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm as the Human Torch and Ben Grimm as the Thing. In other words, the originals and the first family of comic books!

Launching in the fall, August of 2018 to be exact, the brand new volume will be penned by (soon to be) former Spider-man scribe Dan Slott. Slott will be teaming with superstar artist Sara Pichelli. Slott will concurrently be writing Iron Man, another title launching as part of Marvel Fresh start.

The last volume (which was also happened to be the first) of the Fantastic Four began in the Silver Age of comics, November of 1961, with the creative team of none other than Stan “the Man” Lee and Jack “the King” Kirby themselves.

The volume continued on until 1996 when Marvel’s entire line relaunched with new number one issues. It was picked up again with the 500th issue in 2003 and continued on to the next break which came in December of 2012.With a 16 issue run of a new volume tucked in the middle, the last portion of the first volume concluded with issue 645 in the summer of 2015, as the Marvel 616 Universe prepared for the Secret Wars. That massive event ended with the family heading off in to uncharted portions of the cosmos to grow and create new worlds and new galaxies.

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