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What Does Marvel Fear?

Mr. Fear

Do You Fear...?

Now these are extremely interesting depictions of what there is to fear in the Marvel Universe right now.  Obviously we see that Scott may come to fear where his choices and idealogy have led him.  Spider-Man, who is most affected by the politics of the day (as he is subject to the most daily trends of the everyman).  The Hulk fears his power as it often threatens those he loves as well as the innocent of whom he surrounds himself.  Thor fears the process of reconciliation and redemption of himself to his people after killing Asgardian royalty.  And lastly, Captain America fears the loss of an almost idolized philosophy and way of life.  Marvel seems to be bringing their heroes to their knees in a new way.  A way of desperation that cries out for help, but finds none.

The heroes must band together, but this is not like any enemy that they have fought in the last few years.  How do you fight ideas?  How do you fight consequences?

Another interesting point with these teaser images is the attempt to utilize all forms of literary conflict.  Man vs. Himself, Man vs. Machine, Man vs the World, and even the red-headed step-child of the bunch Mankind vs. Me.  The categories are easily recognizable from the Hulk’s loss of control to Cyclops’s political ideology that cannot be stopped.  Then we come to Cap dealing with the world creeping in on what he holds sacred.  And or course, when is all of mankind NOT after Spider-Man?

Although this is not a totally new angle for Marvel to take, the ideas of total defeat by an unseen and intangible villain could not come to the Marvel U at a better time.  Here on Earth-0 we have to deal with this too.

In an effort to keep the Heroic Age of Marvel relevant to the common man, the company must now address the issues that face the core of their audience.  How will they react?  How will we react?  As our role models of good face down the terrors of fear, we too will take note and live lives worthy of the Heroic Age.

Marvel is not tormenting their Heroes.  They are showing us the way.

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What I think is cool about this unseen villain who is putting all these doubts into the hero's minds is that is something we ourselves have to deal with today, everyday. There is always the pressures of those you look up to. Sometimes we can lead ourselves to make the fear of failing them our identity. Always trying to please everyone. The problem is, it just can't be done. There is always Satan putting these doubts in your head (If you believe in God) that you are not good enough to go to heaven, or you haven't really been accepted. And there is all these ways you can be attacked. But what is awesome about this is it shows you that you can still pick yourself back up with the help of friends to fight. (or the fellowship of other believers)

Too true!!! Many times in my own life I forget that Sanctification is a process and get bogged down on the mess-ups!

Obviously Fear and conflict sell comics and other properties, but the fact of the matter is that all of mankind is looking for some peace of mind. Even those few that want chaos find comfort in it and therefore are still looking for peace of mind.

The good comics or stories are those that mirror our struggle while remembering and relating to overcoming these things in a metaphoric way. The bad movies and books tend to forget the epic struggle has a resolution that leads to a "happily ever after."

I've heard it said (and been a proponent) of the fact that some movies are stale because they are not true to life. This may be a stupid example, but the "Breakup" is what comes to mind. In that aptly named movie, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston break up and DON'T get back together. I applaud this because it mirrors real life, but the difference is that resolution to conflict was still found. Although in a worldly fashion, the two parted ways and found some sort of common ground and eventual peace of mind.

The difference is that good stories always mimic the Greatest Story in some way, and bad stories neglect to see the Truth of how things are.

sorry to ramble!

No no! Your not rambling I say that is so true! Yeah some movies and books I really don't like is the ones with the happily ever afters where like no main characters die (when they really should of died after everything) becuase it's just so unreal to the sadness that happens in life. =| Like in lord of the rings. Boromir and king Theoden die. I think lord of the rings is one of those movies that really portrays a lot of the pain that happens in life.

I don't think we'll ever have a permanent peace of mind on this earth with all that happens around us. Because there are a lot of people who don't have happily ever afters physically. Maybe eternily I don't know but there is certainly a lot of happily never afters on this earth. =(

Bridge to Teribithia is also a good one. When the girl dies you can see the pain the boy goes through. But in the end it maybe a happily ever after in a way. But he's more like moving on.

I haven't seen Bridge to Teribithia, but I can tell you this: The reason why people stray from the happily ever after in stories is because it is unconventional to do so. Which means that happily ever after is conventional. Which then means that somewhere deep inside us all, we know that we should be looking for the Happily Ever After.

What do you think that looks like?

I'm a little lost… Like when you say, "Which then means that somewhere deep inside us all, we know that we should be looking for the Happily Ever After." Like we should be dwelling on the good that could be instead of the bad that is? Sorry got a little bit lost there with happily ever afters being unconventional and conventional lol.

LOL PickleLover!

What I mean is that the only reason the unhappily ever after happens and startles us is because we know how it should end. ie: Happily Ever After.

There is something inside of us that yearns for that peace and peace of mind.

Fear itself…nice

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