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Fetish Babies Aftermath Kickstarter Preview

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The world is a big place, large and enticing, with something for just about everyone. I happen to be a huge indie comic fan but one of the great things about indie comics is that they leave room for fans of other things to express themselves through the comic medium. Fetish Babies happens to be a perfect example of that. Indie comics are a perfect medium for people showcase other passions and find new audiences. Because comics are visual they provides an easy way for readers to become acquainted with something new and unlike books the visual only helps to aid in the understanding.

Fetish Babies is clearly about sexual fetishes but it approaches the subject from the humanity aspect of those that have the fetishes. I think Alyssa and Rob Andersin put it into perspective very well with their statement on the Kickstarter page, “The Biggest misconception that there is, is that somehow there is something wrong with anyone who has a fetish. In this day and age of acceptance, of all types of people, those who have fetishes are still looked down upon and treated like damaged goods.” As a consumer of comics I’m overly familiar with the world of fetishes but a statement like that makes me feel much more comfortable about finding out. I’m a firm believer in acceptance and if this comic can help to clear the air about fetishes than I’m all for it.

Rewards are a fickle things, sometimes campaigns have a great book but horrible rewards, but Fetish Babies made sure they had a great book and plenty of rewards. One of my favorite things is the catch up reward, it allows the new reader to catch up on the action and at eight dollars for a PDF catch up Fetish Babies is affordable to jump on and catch up with. Another reward that sticks out is an indie comic PDF package. This package is growing until the end and features other indie comics from friends of Andersin. A very important part of indie comics is helping each other, and this reward does just that. So many different creators contributed and the list is still growing. Other than comics Alyssa and Rob have made things like T-Shirts and prints available, so really there is something for everyone.

One of Fetish Babies creators, Rob Andersin, is also the man responsible for Written Sins is a site that features indie comics, among many other things, with interviews and Kickstarter previews that mirror my own works. Clearly I’m bias because anyone that helps the indie community and does awesome interviews such as the signature “Seven Deadly Questions Interview” is going to be tops in my book. I’m actually already bias because I have frequented Written Sins many times and almost always look at the Kickstarter previews that Andersin features, especially if I’m considering pledging.

Speaking of pledging, Fetish Babies Aftermath is still going and really needs your help so get untied and get on some of those rewards!

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