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First Look Trailer: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


The CW has introduced us to some really great characters through Arrow and The Flash. Comic in 2016 from DC Comics and the CW, we have a new show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Check out the First Look right here.

[youtube id=”4MubNoWQiSc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We now have a show coming out with Hawkgirl, White Canary (because we know that Sara could not stay dead), The Flash, The Atom, The Arrow, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Firestorm, and Rip Hunter. Why do they team up? To face a menace that is as old as time… Vandal Savage. Very awesome. These are characters we already have some familiarity with and this kind of team up will just make the CW a stronger home for DC characters. Who needs Batman on Fox and Supergirl on CBS, when we have an awesome DC universe shaping up right here on the CW.

Let us know your thoughts about this show and the other shows on the CW.

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I didn’t like this trailer. Through most of it, the heroes were standing in a semi-circle with the arms at their sides having a conversation in what would qualify as very lazy staging (like the scene in the Avengers where they all sand in a semi-circle with their arms at their sides as Banner approaches. That scene was staged badly but was written well) It just reminds me that no matter how many characters you cram on the screen, there seems so little actual inspiration in this material anymore. And, of course, they really are trying to ride the coat-tails of Ant-Man (here). Can you believe I actually made a statement like that?

Hawkgirl atom and white canary heat wave and captain cold and firestorm and flash and arrow and black canary and red arrow and ras al ghul and ravenger and nyssa and thea and the agents and Suicide squad and unknown in future and vandal savage

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