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Five Characters DC Could Use to Get Back in the Game

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It seems to be that Warner Brothers is finally waking up and smelling the GOLD MINE that is DC Comics.  For years DC has really only capitalized on two main franchises, those being Batman and Superman.  The Superman franchise has made five films while the Batman franchise has made six, and that is only from 1976 to now.  With a new Superman and Batman movie on the way, the company is still using its top two secret weapons to try to destroy box office records.  But for the first time since Supergirl,  DC is going to attempt to use a new hero, The Green Lantern.

Good for DC/Warner Bros. for finally realizing it has SO many other great heroes that have such amazing stories, and above all some incredible characters that would look great on the Silver-screen.  With Marvel about to unleash the most anticipated Super Hero team up film of all time (Avengers), and already releasing mega hits with X-Men, Spider-Man, Blade, Fantastic Four, Ghostrider, Punisher, Iron Man, etc. it’s no wonder that DC is trying to pull out all the stops.

Of course Dark Knight made a ridiculous amount of money, but did Jonah Hex?  You will never hear me say “They shouldn’t make this movie because it won’t do well in theaters”, and if anyone DOES think that…look no further than Iron Man, who USED to be a “B lister” in the Marvel universe.   But he has made the transition from B lister to top A Lister, if you disagree look no further than the Civil War story line.  Warner Bros./DC, as much as I appreciate you bringing us  a GL and Jonah Hex movie…here are a few others that just might be your “Next Big Thing”


Green Arrow Dc Comics

Why him?  Green Arrow was originally conceived as very similar to Batman, with the use of his “unique” arrows and his alter ego, Oliver Queen, being a billionaire you start to see where I’m coming from.   Metropolis and Gotham are easily the most known fictional cities in the DC Universe, but what about Star City?    Green Arrow is a bit more  Hero than Vigilante but hey, he’s still on the Justice League!   David Goyer has been heard discussing his idea for a Green Arrow movie where Green Arrow has to escape from a Super Maximum Security prison, essentially being helped by the very same men who put him there.


Aquaman doesn’t have the greatest fan following, but DC has done everything they can to make this guy so much more.  Adapting a much more Namor the Sub Mariner attitude than a light hearted friendly superhero, fans want to see if Aquaman will ever see the light of day.   There is so much more to Aquaman than talking to sea creatures!  He has some rich story and some pretty crazy events that take place in his life.   Whether they went with his struggle to be King of Atlantis or Aquaman vs. Black Manta, it could be great.   The hit HBO series Entourage has definitely helped Aquaman’s quest to the big screen, come on Warner Bros!  If you did make this film, it would make $116,844,144 in its first three days!

Shazam comics


Billy Batson and family are a MUST for DC for so many reasons!   With the success of the ” Incredibles ” you have to think that the entire Marvel family would translate wonderfully on the big screen.  Rich story?  Not as much as others, but the potential of the concept alone should sell any studio.  Billy and Captain Marvel’s duel personalities alone would be fantastic, let alone the struggles of superhero and family life.   With awesome supporting characters such as Black Adam, Doctor Sivana, and Marvel family it really is a wonder why this hasn’t been attempted before.   Be honest, who wouldn’t love a Captain Marvel/Superman team up flick?

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It doesn’t matter which one you go with Dan, Ted, or Jamie, each Beetle has what it takes to provide a captivating stand alone film.  The obvious choice would be Jamie since he is the one with the 2011 look and feel to him, and seeing as he has been seen in” Justice League” and “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”, he seems like the obvious choice.  Although Ted Kord has some rich story to him and very fun personality, such as cracking jokes, and best friend to Booster Gold, who would for SURE have to be in the movie with him, I mean it’s BOOSTER GOLD, Ted Kord still has no super powers, but makes up for it with technology that he has built.   None the less he is still a back  up member to the Justice League and being a back up for likes of the big dogs has potential in itself.   Ted Kord also has a very dark route they could go for a franchise, eventually leading up to something the likes of “Blackest Night”.

Flash Dark Image


Easily one of the most recognized names in the DC universe, The Flash should already have a sequel on the way.  Oh wait, they need to make a the first one still.   Which blows my mind!  The Flash has such a great array of villains to choose from!  You could go with Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, or the obvious choice Professor Zoom.  As with many characters in the DC Universe there are different people who have become The Flash, and each one would do just fine, but lets face it Barry Allen is the obvious choice.   There have been many rumors about different people interested in getting a Flash movie made, but the most recent being Marc Guggenheim having it be a mix between a superhero movie and CSI episode taking place in Central City.  While the Goyer version was a much different take, as it was an older Flash (Most likely Barry Allen) passing the mantle off to someone else (Most likely Wally West).  Flash movie rumors have been coming and going since the mid 90’s and no one seems to be able to get a studio behind them.   Good luck  Guggenheim, you seem to be the most promising since it is labeled on IMDB PRO as “In Development” but I’m not going to hold my breath, I will just simply cross my fingers.

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I agree with all of the heroes you listed. My top choice would be The Flash though. Great Article!

We would LOVE to see them pull of a flash movie. DC has to do something. They have the powerful TDK trilogy, but can they/will they build off that? Maybe…probably not. So who is going to bring it in for the home team?

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