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Five Things We Want From Daredevil Season 2


By Ewan Moore, Guest Writer

Rejoice true believers, for Marvel’s Daredevil has been renewed for a second series on Netflix, due 2016. If you watched it, you probably loved it (I’ve yet to meet somebody who dislikes it) but as with anything, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few things I’d love to see in the next series.

Spoilers for the first season, obviously.

Matt Murdock is meant to be a lawyer by day, vigilante by night, right? Well, I know there were only 13 episodes in the first series, but we only actually see him a courtroom once (maybe twice). While we do love seeing Matt beat the stuffing out of scumbags, we think it’d be really cool if they could incorporate some kickass courtroom drama stuff. Matt is an awesome lawyer, so let’s see more of that. Hell, give us an episode based on the time Matt had to defend Daredevil in court. Yeah, that really did happen.



Realistically, we realised Spider-Man probably wasn’t gonna appear in a show like Daredevil round about the time Kingpin took off a guy’s head with his car door. It’d be massively irresponsible to lure kids to this grim and gritty show with a character like Spidey… But then again, screw the children. We want Spider-Man. There are of course, all kinds of storylines from the comics that see Daredevil team up with ol’ Webhead. Marvel just has to take their pick, and watch the viewing figures shoot up.

More Kingpin


Without a shadow of a doubt, Vincent D’onfrio’s Kingpin was one of the best parts of series one, and probably the best villain to have come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the first series we saw him slowly realise that he isn’t actually a good person, and he isn’t actually trying to do good by his city. Hopefully the next series will show us a Kingpin free of any kind of pesky morality… one that can revel in the fact that he is nothing more than a massive, scary bastard.

Keep it Short and Sweet

daredevilThere’s a part of us that would love a 24 episode season of Daredevil, but we think Marvel needs to keep it at a brisk 13. Shows like Gotham have displayed horrendous issues with pacing, while Daredevil, or Marvel’s equally excellent 8 episode Agent Carter miniseries have shown us that bigger isn’t always better. Perhaps more importantly, when you only have 13 episodes to tell a story instead of 24, you don’t fuck about with filler episodes. Plus, if Marvel released an entire 24 episode season to binge on Netflix, the world would likely stop turning for a few days, and we can’t have that.

Keep it Real


One of the major selling points of Daredevil was just how real it all felt. He didn’t just breeze through fights… you could feel every punch had the potential to take Matt out, and that every time he fought, he was fighting for his life. We have a very real fear that because he’s had his origin story now, next season will show us a Daredevil who can beat down bad guys with ease. In our eyes, this takes away from an incredible sense of tension that series one managed to cultivate every time Matt was in costume, so please series two, remember one thing: Matt Murdock is only human.



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