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Forever Evil Event: Forever Evil 1

Forever Evil 1

Forever Evil 1
Geoff Johns, David Finch

Forever Evil Crossover

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting two years for has hit the stands. Geoff Johns has been setting up (whether we knew it or not) the events paving the way for Forever Evil since the end of Flashpoint and the reboot of the DC Universe, and even though some diehard “old” DC fans might not get their universe back (yet), they can at least admit that Johns has consistently delivered fun, fresh, and exciting comics with their favorite characters on a monthly basis. This event matches the excitement I felt with the first issues of Day of Judgment, Blackest Night, and even the controversial Infinite Crisis. Yes. That’s right. As with almost every event (or even team book, for that matter) Johns has crafted for our reading pleasure over the years, this issue makes me want to go through each and every DC title and look for clues, cameos, and hits at the bigger picture. That’s what event books are supposed to do. (I’m looking at you, Marvel.)

Lex Luthor narrates the issue. If that’s not enough for you to pick it up, you’re probably a Marvel fan, so welcome aboard. The rest of the issue has plenty of shocks and other neat moments, including (but not limited to): Superwoman breaking down the doors of Arkham Asylum, the Rogues witnessing Johnny Quick and Atomica being all sorts of not-heroic, Ultraman inhaling Kryptonite and blocking the sun to become uber-powerful, Scarecrow doing some shameless recruiting, and a four-page spread to die for. And that’s just the first half of the comic! The real action happens in the last half, showing the Crime Syndicate taking charge of the Secret Society, killing anyone who stands in their way, causing a worldwide blackout, and revealing to the world the true identity of the heart and soul of the entire DC hero community: Nightwing. That’s right, the former Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, has just been outed, causing even Luthor himself to ask where Superman and the rest of the Justice League are when the world really needs them. How can things get worse? And, more importantly, how are they ever going to get better?

Villains Month

So let’s recap. This book is awesome. It’s the best the stands have to offer. Johns’ script and characterization (not to mention his knack for bookending and pacing) are matched only by the sharp pencils of artist David Finch, an excellent choice for main series artist. And don’t let the gimmick of the fancy covers of Villains Month scare you away, either. Those and the tie-ins in the next few months are going to be part of the fun of the first line-wide event in years from DC. If you cry “event fatigue!” I’m going to call bull, because this is a long time coming. And to be completely honest, it’s been years since we’ve had one. And even though there were a few hiccups in the past, DC has almost always delivered with their line-wide epics. Flashpoint was the newer readers’ Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s only fitting that Johns give the short attention span generation its Infinite Crisis two years later, rather than twenty. Count me in for the long haul!


My Rating: 5/5

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