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Forever Evil Event: Forever Evil 5

Forever Evil 5

forever evilForever Evil 5


Geoff Johns, David Finch


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


Chief Creative Officer and writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns leads the charge in the New 52’s first mega event and as it nears its final act, the stakes could not be higher.  As is tradition with all great Johns epics, the artwork plays an integral role.  And David Finch is at the top of his game with this miniseries.  The characters all look as great as they should, giving us a wide range of heroes, villains, anti-heroes, and turncoat opportunists.  I can’t believe the end is near…  I feel like there’s still so much that needs to be wrapped up before the final pages hit the stands!  With all of the other crossovers wrapping up as well, one thing’s for sure: Things are certainly going to change.

The Luthor League (which is what I’m calling them) have a temporary alliance with Batman and Catwoman, showing putting the Bat in his place and Luthor relieving himself of command in favor of a true leader, Sinestro.  This of course only happens after Luthor “hires” Deathstroke to help them not get killed, to which he callously murders his own teammate, Copperhead.  Sinestro also delivers a mercy killing in the form of Power Ring, the biggest coward I’ve ever seen in a comic.  But just as the Crime Syndicate desperately looks for Kryptonite for their leader, a distress signal from Power Ring alerts the presence that inadvertently led to the destruction of Earth 3.  The question still remains, though…  Who (or what) is that presence?  Why must we wait so long!

So here are my theories.  It could be a new character.  That would be brave, especially with all of the reluctant fans or even flat-out hatemongers of the New 52.  But I doubt it.  It could be another “evil” version of the DC Universe that we’re familiar with.  That would sort of make sense, but would be a little bit of a letdown.  It could be the Anti-Monitor.  Which would be cool, yet predictable, since it is the New 52’s first “Crisis” event and it is all about the multiverse.  Or maybe it’s someone else.  Someone Johns is known for loving and writing with such fury and gusto that it almost has to be him.  That’s right.  What if it’s Superboy-Prime?  And what if (fingers crossed) he’s the Superboy-Prime that remembers the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe?  Now THAT would be awesome.


My Rating: 5/5

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