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Forever Evil Event: Pandora 4

Pandora 4

Pandora 4

Ray Fawkes, Francis Portela


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


The series that the internet loves to hate is continuing on, full steam ahead, even though Trinity War is over and Forever Evil has begun.  And I have to say, writer Ray Fawkes and artist Francis Portela are doing a splendid job making Pandora’s story interesting, complex, and altogether readable.  Which is not only enjoyable for me as a reader of all things New 52, but also appreciated because the crossover tie-in banner is enough to sell the book.  It’s just an added bonus that it’s actually pretty good.  I’m not entirely sure how long this series will last, but for the time being, count me in as a returning reader.


The events of the ending of Trinity War launch Pandora right into the events of today’s Forever Evil event, showing her transported to the destroyed Earth 3, watching as a dying evil version of the Martian Manhunter laments being left behind by the Crime Syndicate.  He wants to know if they found what they were looking for.  Namely, before dying, he wants to be sure that they found another planet to take over, but hopefully not destroy in the process this time.  Then, Pandora is sent back to our universe, where she is forever tied to live out as an undead observer.  Everything she thought for thousands of years revealed to be lies, she is now concerned with finding out the true secrets to her curse.  She seeks out Vandal Savage, who now denounces the Secret Society (and its leaders), but points her in the direction of the one man who might hold the key to her past and her freedom: The Outsider.

Villains Month

So there is still plenty of intrigue to keep my interest piqued.  I’m going to be coming back again to see her “chat” with the Outsider and what revelations (if any) he shares with her about her origins.  Pandora herself is a mystery, yes, but almost too mysterious.  Like, to the point where she’s actually the most boring character in her own book.  But you almost don’t notice, because the plot moves right along at a fast enough pace and there are enough secondary characters and guest stars to keep you distracted as a reader.  I look forward to seeing where this series goes next, but it would be nice to get some answers relatively soon.  Even if they just lead to bigger questions.  I’d be all right with that.  But they have to give us something some time, right?


My Rating: 3/5

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