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Forever Evil Event: Pandora 5

Pandora 5

Pandora 5

Ray Fawkes, Francis Portela


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


My patience is beginning to wear thin with Pandora and her lack of being likable in any way other than being pathetic.  Writer Ray Fawkes is doing a good job building up the legend and the world (both the past and the present) that surrounds her, but there’s just not a whole lot that we really do know about the title character.  I’m still interested in seeing where this goes, but with the constant event tie-in nature of this book, I’ve yet to really grasp why she has her own series and isn’t just mysterious like the Question is in the Phantom Stranger’s book.  Or why she isn’t just in that one as a third main character.  If I didn’t enjoy The Phantom Stranger so much, I’d suggest that they cancel both of these books and just make one 3.99 book by both Ray Fawkes and J. M. DeMatteis about all three members of the so-called “trinity.”  You could even call it “Trinity of Sin” or something catchy like that, rather than having them be separate.  But that is neither here nor there.  The books both exist, separately, and this one, though not as exciting as the other, is still interesting enough for me to keep buying it monthly.  For now.  And Francis Portela’s good artwork certainly doesn’t hurt.


The story picks up right where the last issue left off: With Pandora confronting the Outsider.  But instead of answers, we’re only given more questions.  And it’s done in a psychedelic trippy almost drug-induced-looking astral plane battle of some sorts.  If I wanted these type of scenes, I’d read the more stories about Marvel Comics and the X-Men.  Unfortunately, this scene is over half of the book.  And though it looks neat, I don’t ever really want to see it again.  We then see Pandora transported (briefly) back to the time when she was happy and hadn’t opened (or been near the accidentally-already-opening) “box” that led to all her woes.  Then she’s transported to the abandoned Rock of Eternity, greeted by fellow “sinners,” the Question and the Phantom Stranger, being recruited (or possibly abducted and forced to join) John Constantine, Nightmare Nurse, and Swamp Thing in their attempt to, as Constantine says, “kill evil.”

Villains Month

All right.  I’ll buy it.  I’m on board.  So let’s get this new “crossover-within-a-crossover” going.  Justice League Dark, Constantine, The Phantom Stranger, and even Pandora’s book itself will form the grouping of Forever Evil: Blight, the more magical and supernatural crossover issues that will be coinciding directly with the events of the main Forever Evil crossover.  If you’ve been paying attention recently, DC Comics has been quite sneaky with their solicitations.  They’re no longer grouped as they once were.  There’s no longer a “The Dark” section of the New 52.  Could Forever Evil: Blight be the reason?  Does this mean some people are going to die?  Does this mean some series are going to get cancelled?  Does this mean some teams are going to be getting consolidated?  Well, one thing’s for sure: Anything can happen.  Count me in.


My Rating: 3/5

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