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Forever Evil Event: Pandora 6

Pandora 6

Trinity of Sin: Pandora 6

Ray Fawkes, Francis Portela, Staz Johnson


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


Before I get started, let me ask a question: Did you get a look at that cover?  Man, what an awesome way to get a poor seller to fly of the shelves!  Julian Totino Tedesco needs a raise, because that cover image is incredible.  But don’t get your hopes too high, because this is just another filler issue, which is starting to become the norm for the entire “Dark” or supernatural/magical/horror characters in the DC Universe these days.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There really only needs to be one of these books.  Justice League Dark needs to merge titles like Constantine, Pandora, and The Phantom Stranger into its pages.  The characters are great and there have been good stories from each, but I think with March being the ending of both Forever Evil and Forever Evil: Blight, it’s time to say goodbye to the “Dark” part of the New 52 once and for all.  Or at least condense it into one awesome title, instead of a few good ones and some less than stellar performing ones.


Nothing happens in this issue.  I’m not being harsh, just realistic.  Blight is all-powerful and seemingly impossible to defeat.  He continues to ravage the lands, with the remainder of the Seven Deadly Sins still flying around and causing all sorts of general chaos while he does so.  The artwork is pretty good and the story is fairly simple, so it’s very new reader-friendly, which is a plus.  But seeing the Phantom Stranger, Nightmare Nurse, Swamp Thing, Pandora, and even John Constantine constantly say they’re not heroes but doing heroic deeds is getting a little irritating.  They are heroes.  They just don’t want to see themselves as such.  We get it.  Let’s move on.  But we can’t.  Because Blight kills them all.  But don’t worry…  Because this is apparently part of a magical re-do spell wherein the newly formed alliance (let’s just call them the new Justice League Dark) get several chances to die and re-die and hopefully stop Blight.  Okay…  I’m intrigued.

Villains Month

So with the cliffhanger, we now know as the readers that there is a reason for the deaths.  They don’t really mean anything at this point.  This is sort of a cop-out, but I’m glad that they at least have acknowledged that this is not the best of plans.  I’m interested to see how they explain whatever this plan is to the readers, because, to be completely honest, this event-within-an-event is a bit weak so far.  It’s an interesting premise, but something crazy needs to happen soon.  If not, I’m going to keep saying “cancel these books” every time I write a review.  Come on, DC.  Prove that you’re the authority on all things magic and supernatural like Marvel is for all things space and time.  I know you can do it.  I have faith in you.


My Rating: 3/5

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