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Forever Evil Event: Suicide Squad 25

Suicide Squad 25

Suicide Squad 25

Matt Kindt, Patrick Zircher


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


The new creative team of Suicide Squad have certainly found their momentum.  And only a few issues in, they’re going forward at a fast pace.  Not too fast, though.  That would be bad.  Writer Matt Kindt not only references and incorporates, but flat-out embraces the stories from Ales Kot and Adam Glass before him.  And Patrick Zircher just continues being awesome at what he does.  The mantle has yet again been passed, but the series is in good hands.


There are multiple squads and no one knows exactly what is going on right now because of the events of Forever Evil.  But one thing is clear, even to the readers: No one can be trusted.  Amanda Waller has a bomb attached to her neck and cannot leave Belle Reve.  James Gordon Jr. is sneaking around and being creepy yet effectively protecting “The Wall” on her quest to free (and try not to get killed by) a mysterious member of the first Task Force, which there have apparently been dozens of in the past.  Harley Quinn is working for the Thinker, who has just stolen and taken control of an O. M. A. C., just because, you know, she’s crazy and likes chaos and disorder.  And Steel, Power Girl, Captain Boomerang, the Unknown Soldier, Deadshot, and Warrant are fighting one another, all thinking that they know who they’re working for, who they’re planning on double-crossing, and who’s really pulling the strings.  But when it comes right down to it, the only person in charge here is apparently the Secret Society and the Crime Syndicate’s own Superwoman.  So, yeah, great dialogue and plenty of gratuitous fight sequences with witty banter and neat action shots keep us entertained right before the cliffhanger ending, which this series (and genre) has become famous for.  Who is Kane?  And what is his connection to King Shark and Amanda Waller?  And who is he going to kill now that he’s free?

Villains Month

The series that used to be a guilty pleasure slowly matured into one of my favorite books.  Then the writer left and we got a new one.  Which was actually good because, somehow, he was even better than the one before him.  Then he left.  And now we have a new one.  Big shoes to fill, but certainly a capable writer of doing so.  Kindt has proven that he’s totally in charge and completely at home with these characters and these off-the-walls crazy plots.  This is back on its way to becoming my favorite books on the stands again.  We’ll see how this next issue plays out, but I’m going to go ahead and jump the gun here and say that it will be nothing short of awesome.


My Rating: 4.5/5

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