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Forever Evil Event: Suicide Squad 28

Suicide Squad 28

Suicide Squad 28

Matt Kindt, Jason Masters, Carlos Rodriguez


Forever Evil Crossover


Spoiler alert!  You have been warned!


One of my favorite series is coming to an end, and to be completely honest, I’m just not ready to let go of Suicide Squad quite yet.  It’s been through three writers throughout its tenure, all one-upping and trying to top their predecessor.  And, well, they’ve pretty much succeeded at every turn.  Adam Glass made us care about the rag tag team of psychos and misfits.  Ales Kot made us realize that they really were all bad guys.  And now Matt Kindt is trying to show us just how crazy those bad guys we’ve all started to remember aren’t good guys are.  And even though the nearly constant artist change should have just stayed at the perfect pencils of Patrick Zircher, artists Jason Masters and Carlos Rodriguez still do an adequate job telling Kindt’s tale.  The art is probably the only thing keeping this from being another perfect issue, but it’s still far from terrible.


The issue starts right where the last one left off.  All hell has officially broken loose.  And as the cover suggests, “If O. M. A. C. isn’t stopped…  everybody dies!”  Amanda Waller narrates as King Shark and his father form a temporary alliance against an O. M. A. C. without the control of Kevin Kho.  Deadshot’s makeshift Squad (consisting of him, Power Girl, Steel, Captain Boomerang, and the Unknown Soldier) come to the aid of what is left of the old team (pretty much just Harley Quinn and James Gordon Jr.).  Sort of.  And then the fight spills out and it’s pretty much a free-for-all for survival.  Harley and Deadshot find Waller, who tells them that the only way to survive is to take a “magic bullet” and augment themselves with a supposedly temporary nano-virus.  So, without any hesitation, Floyd shoots Harley, then the Wall, then himself.  Hopefully they wake up.

forever evil

There is still plenty of charm in this title.  From the gross scene where O. M. A. C. pulls a corpse out of King Shark’s mouth (from a few issues back) to Gordon being shot on accident and pretty much taken out of the action for the rest of the issue, Kindt still has plenty of laughs for such a dire situation.  And then there’s the charm (or lack thereof) of characters like Boomerang and Power Girl.  All in all, I am sad to see this series go.  But I will admit that making a team of expendable characters is certainly starting to get a little less believable, what with most of them being too popular to actually kill off now.  I hope we get a nice wrap-up ending with the closing of Forever Evil.  And, of course, that we get to see more of these characters in other books, whether its Harley Quinn, Justice League, or even a branch off of the upcoming Amanda Waller one-shot.  Either way, count me in.


My Rating: 4.5/5

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