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Free Comic Book Day: The Jason Howard Interview!


In 8 days the comics community will celebrate the tenth annual Free Comic Book Day(FCBD) and will be able to check out many new comics for the low price of nothing! One of the books being offered this year comes from Image Comics. It’s called Super Dinosaur and the FCBD issue will be an Origin Special written by Robert (The Walking Dead) Kirkman and drawn by Jason (The Astounding Wolf-Man) Howard!
We now present the first half of the Jason Howard interview as conducted by the fine folks behind Free Comic Book Day!

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For Free Comic Book Day 2011, Gold Sponsor Image Comics will offer the Super Dinosaur Origin Special, giving comic readers an action-packed introduction to some of Image’s newest characters, a genius boy who makes his own gadgets and his best friend—a nine-foot tall T-Rex with robot arms and missiles!

Super Dinosaur Comic CoverNow Jason Howard, the artist behind Image’s Astounding Wolfman, talks about the FCBD title, its characters, the significance of FCBD itself, and much more in’s exclusive interview. Set your project up for those that might not know much about it. What can we expect to see in terms of story and art?

Jason Howard: Super Dinosaur is the story of Derek Dynamo, the son of a scientist who discovered a world of dinosaurs far below the earth’s crust. Through the help of his best friend, a nine foot tall T-Rex, Derek fights against the evil schemes of Doctor Max Maximus and protects Inner Earth. Also The T-Rex has robot arms and lots of missiles. What’s your favorite part about being able to work in comics?

Jason Howard: Being able to draw for a living. What’s not to love about that? Also the storytelling aspect of comics really appeals to me; I love the challenge of telling a story through pictures. Since FCBD has now been a yearly event since 2002, do you, your creator friends and/or your family have any annual FCBD traditions?

Jason Howard: I usually do a store signing. Some comic shops really go all out and make a party out of it. Last year I was at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan, and it was a blast. They even had a DJ. What do you believe will set your FCBD book apart from the others that readers will be picking up for free on May 7?

Jason Howard: Hopefully the sense of fun and just overall coolness. We really want to create a world and characters that are compelling and I hope people find their story interesting and want to see what happens next. Also, this is a brand new creation. So it gives people the opportunity to jump in on the ground floor and experience the story from the beginning.


So read the rest of this interview simply click on the Free Comic Book Day logo below and keep up with all the up to the minute news about this event by joining them on FACEBOOK. You can also keep up with all the latest Comic Booked news and information on our site, thanks for stopping by!

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Yes! Been waiting for "Super Dinosaur!" I will check out anything Robert Kirkman is involved in.

Skott of Fables

This is one of the things I love about FCBD, normally I wouldn't get something like this because of cost. But, since it's free, I'm going to check it out and worst thing that could happen is I'll find a new book to get in trade.

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