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DC News Roundup for August 23 2013

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The last few days have been pretty crazy with internet buzz surrounding DC Entertainment.  So, just in case you missed it, here’s what’s going on (and coming up) in the DC Universe!  I’ll provide the news and the details (not to mention my own thoughts on the various hot buttons).  Obviously, if you don’t like spoilers, you should probably avoid this entire piece.  Not to mention, you know, the internet.

Justice League Canada

In 2014, Jeff Lemire will be writing a new Justice League title, featuring characters new and old (including fan-favorite space hero, Adam Strange).  He told the reporters and fans at Fan Expo Canada that this is his “ultimate dream job,” being a Toronto resident and lifelong DC fan.  As much as some readers may be excited to see a fan-favorite writer like Lemire on yet another team book of their beloved heroes (not to mention a new location), this fan is wondering if perhaps DC is trying way too hard to diversify their titles yet again.  Not to mention the fact that they’re going to be stretching their talent a little thin.  Regardless of the outcome, color me curious.

Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince

Grant Morrison revealed to Kevin Smith on a recent episode of “Fat Man on Batman” that his new Wonder Woman graphic novel, with artist Yanick Paquette, will no longer be titled Wonder Woman: Earth One.  More specifically, it will still be sharing the same universe as the previous Batman: Earth One and Superman: Earth One (volumes one and two) graphic novels, despite the name change.  There is no release date set, but Morrison stated that they are currently on page 20 of the proposed 120-page story.  I, for one, cannot wait.  I’ve always been a staunch supporter in the Make Mine Morrison campaign.

Batgirl: Zero Year

Along with the other ten titles (Nightwing, Birds of Prey, The Flash, Action Comics, Green Lantern Corps, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Batwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Detective Comics) announced as surprise Zero Year crossover tie-in issues, November’s Batgirl 25 will be written by newcomer Marguerite Bennett.  Fresh off her stint as writer (alongside regular series scribe Scott Snyder) on Batman Annual 2, she promises to give a fresh new take on a secret part of Barbara Gordon’s origin, before she dons the cape and cowl.  Combine the fact that I gave her last foray into the Bat-verse an editor’s choice award with not being forced to pay for a comic scripted by regular series writer Gail Simone is cause for celebration.

Forever Evil

Trinity War is almost over.  Villains Month is on its way.  Forever Evil will pick up immediately following the cliffhanger ending.  And that cliffhanger ending, you ask?  The Secret Society will be fighting yet another team of super-villains, under the tagline: “Evil is relative.”  Head writer and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently revealed the shocking twist ending of his current storyline that leads into the next (and first line-wide) mega event: The legendary Crime Syndicate is back.  Hints have been laid as far back as the controversial Flashpoint miniseries, and have been slowly building to what will undoubtedly be the most important storyline of the New 52.  Could this mean the return of the multiverse as we once knew it?  And more importantly, was this the plan all along?


So apparently some guy from Boston is going to be the new Caped Crusader in director Zack Snyder’s follow-up to Man of Steel.  All kidding aside (and seriously, internet…  take it easy), Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning Hollywood A-lister.  He’s got the jawline.  He’s got the acting chops.  And before anyone freaks out any more, just take these things into consideration: The world freaked out when they announced Michael Keaton as Tim Burton’s Batman, Heath Ledger as Christopher Nolan’s Joker, and Robert Downey Jr. as Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, and it all ended up being okay.  In fact, it actually ended up being awesome.  Not to mention genre-improving and career-defining.  So sit back, relax, and have a little faith.  I promise, Warner Bros. knows what they’re doing.

Marvel News

Though I’m not a huge Marvel supporter  these days (I mean, I even have a column about this.  Hello!), a few notable announcements happened recently.  First and foremost, they’re cancelling a bunch of stuff.  Get your final issues of Morbius the Living Vampire, Venom, Captain Marvel, and Avengers Arena while you still can.  I’m sure this is just the first wave of cancellations in the Marvel NOW! line.  Secondly, Infinity number 1 sold out and is going to a second printing, which is a positive, albeit a surprise.  And lastly, writer Matt Fraction will be taking a step back from regular writing duties on Fantastic Four and FF (which are, for some idiotic reason, two separate titles) to focus on his next event (because they don’t already have enough of those going on simultaneously), Inhumanity.  Oh, yeah.  One more thing:  While you’re complaining about Bat-Fleck, remember that Marvel’s still trying to convince us that Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be awesome.  You know, the upcoming star-studded comic movie with the talking tree as one of its main characters.

Other Comic News

And, of course, there’s some other stuff going on in the comics world as a whole. is still battling for the cheap graphic novel market.  Archaia is releasing a modernized version of The Seven Samurai, renamed Rubicon.  Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine is ending its long run.  Actress Alyssa Milano is writing a comic for Archaia about social activists.  Ales Kot is working on a political war thriller for Image, fresh off his departure from the offices of DC.  And there’s a cool Kickstarter going on right now about Albert Einstein travelling through time and saving the world one event at a time.

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So there you have it.  I’ll try to come back each and every week with a recap of all of the important news affecting the DC Universe, its fans, and, of course, its greatest competition.  As always, feel free to comment, agree, or heckle in the comments section.  I’d love to hear from you!

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