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Our Friend Satan Kickstarter

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Anyone paying attention at this point understands my love for not just indie books but crowd funding as well.  I feel the plight of the common creator and often times I thoroughly enjoy their products; which happens to be the case with Our Friend Satan.  Our Friend Satan has a lot going for it and frankly crowd funding for this comical masterpiece should be a no brainer.

Our Friend Satan 1

At the core of any idea is the production, anyone can have an idea but it takes a great team to pull it off, which Our Friend Satan has. The art is beautiful and fluent, the writing is witty and funny as hell, and both service the idea in a way that screams continuity between artists. I’m seriously impressed with the sense of humor these creators have and the way the artists bring it to life, very well done.

All of the Kickstarter rewards are good and up to par with most Kickstarter rewards but what Our Friend Satan has that most don’t is a really big seventeen page sneak peek on their well put together website. The professionalism of this team shines in literally every aspect of what I have seen; the site has a clear link to their Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media like Google Plus. There is no mystery and no wondering where to find their product, so go to their website and give them a look and if you can donate to the Kickstarter because I guarantee this book will be worth every penny.

Our Friend Satan 2

Here is a link to Our Friend Satan’s website where the preview can be found, Facebook, Twitter and Kickstarter, and trust me it will be worth your time to give them a look!

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