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Fun Snowy Day Gaming

Snowy Day Gaming

snowy day gamingWith the huge blizzard blanketing the Northeast with a quilt of beautiful, or not so beautiful if you actually have to deal with it, snow, many people are sitting home wondering what to do with their day. There are a ton of alternatives to being bored. Comic Booked brings you some Snowy Day Gaming options.

One option is playing board games. The biggest problem with this type of gaming is that you would already have to own them. There are multiple types of board games depending on your interests. You can play a classic game like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Parcheesi. You can even play some of these games online. Check out this link to Monopoly. Or download an app for Scrabble. This makes access to other players a sure thing instead of relying on your friends ability to cross country ski to your place through the blizzard.

Card games are always a good choice, but they also usually require someone else in the room. From Go Fish to Magic the Gathering, there is a card game on the market for everyone. Uno, Slamwich, Munchkin, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Cribbage, or Gin Rummy, whatever your favorite, all your need are cards and friends.

As long as you have power and an internet connection, the choices for occupying your time are limitless. You can go online and download a book or a movie or play games with friends or by yourself. There are so many game sites that it can sometimes be hard to choose one that has the games you want. Are you looking for kids games? Try something like Nick, Jr., PBS, or Poptropica. For more all ages fun, there are sites like Pogo or you can check out a list of the top 15 most popular video game sites here. You can also try more grown up gaming through online games that you might find at places like this site that offers video poker games. Any way you look at it, a snowy day should not be a boring day stuck inside.