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Fury Knocks Out Gone Girl


The weekend box office crown switched hands as Brad Pitt and his band of brothers from the World War II flick, Fury, grossed $23.7 million and pushed David Fincher’s Gone Girl to 17.8 million and second place. The Ben Affleck vehicle did reach $107 million overall. That puts it closing in on Fincher’s highest grossing film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at $127 million.

Fury will get some traction from good word of mouth and could maintain a top 3 showing if the war flicks hear about the quality and come running. It’s R rating may have trimmed some of its opening gross, but it is still a solid opening for the intense war film. Gone Girl will hang around in the top five due to its great reviews and interesting subject matter.

The Book of Life took third place with $17.1 million and Best of Me, the Nicholas Sparks flick, brought in $10.2 million. The Judge tumbled out of the top 5, making it a rare misfire for Robert Downey Jr. and his endless string of appeal.

This weekend, Keanu Reeves comes back guns blazing with John Wick and the new horror thriller, Ouija, also opens in theaters. I would love to see Reeves get a strong welcome back into the good graces of the action/adventure drama, but when horror films are moderately scary, the competition stands no chance with the audiences. We will see.

Thanks and enjoy the week at the movies.

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