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Future Primitive TPB Release

Future Primitive

Writer/Creator Kevin Gunstone
Artist/Creator Slobodan Jovanovic
Colorist Matteo Baldrighi (Pg’s 6 – 26) and Stefan Mrkonjic (Pg’s 27 – 118)
Letterer/Designer Patrick Foster
Consulting Editor Annika Eade

FP 3

I’ve reviewed quite a few indie books in my time as a reviewer and Future Primitive is certainly a favorite on that list. The idea behind this book is original and smart and the art is more than complementary. Gunstone is a gifted writer, not just his ability to get the best out of the artists, but his exposition and caption writing is gripping. Gunstone has an extensive world he is building and he does a wonderful job of conveying the pertinent details, especially in the beginning of the book where he uses the lore of his world to explain some of the details of how the future became primitive. Gunstone uses the lore and creates a different dialect that is just fun to see play out. From the front to the back Gunstone has a great writing style.

FP 2

Although there are two different colorists the color is consistent and carries the same earthy tone throughout the book. I don’t ever have a problem with books changing artists because I know it’s tough to make time and collaborate so sometimes changing a horse mid stream is inevitable but I feel that Jovanovic’s art is done well enough that changing the colorist wasn’t detrimental because the overall art is still the stellar work it originated as. I feel like Jovanovic’s biggest accomplishment in Future Primitive is balancing the cromagnan and homosapian look and keeping the characters relateable. I feel like the art is phenomenal but who really needs praise is Foster for the choice of letters. From the exposition, to caption, to the thought balloons, to the actions, every single letter in this book is done exceptionally well.

FP 4

I feel like Future Primitive is a wonderful collaboration and fun read, if you feel like giving them a look you can check out at several different places. Their Facebook page, Comixology, View Comics, or on Markosia’s website where they have the trade paperback available in hardcover!

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