The Gambit Movie Is Still A Go!

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Finally, an update on the Gambit movie that has seemingly been stuck in “development hell” forever: Gambit is still a “go”. The movie has had a rather difficult time locking in a director. Gareth Edwards, Rupert Wyatt, Doug Limon and Frank Darabont have all at one time been attached to the film, among others. Currently the movie does not have a director however it’s lead, Channing Tatum, is still attached to play Gambit. Simon Kinberg’s movie about the Ragin’ Cajun has been plagued with issues and it seemed, from this side of the fence, that the movie would be axed by the studio.

Simon Kinberg recently spoke with CinemaBlend and had this to say; “In terms of Gambit, that’s a movie that we’re still developing very actively, and Channing [Tatum] is incredibly committed to it. We plan to probably shoot that at the beginning of next year.”

In speaking with LRM Online, Kinberg said; “Yeah, it is going to happen, and it’s just a question…,” 

Kinberg also spoke with ComicBook and had this to say; “It’s in active development,” Pretty clear statement. He goes on to tell them; “It’s a movie that we hope will be ready to go by the end of this year and shoot next year. We have two or three X-Men related movies this year so it can wait for a moment. The process has been that Channing [Tatum] is as determined about getting the character right as Ryan Reynolds was about Deadpool and Hugh [Jackman] was about this Logan movie. We know that when we get those right, the movie succeeds so we want to make sure we get Gambit right because we want him to be the beginning of a whole new franchise.”

The Gambit movie, when all was copacetic and on-track, was scheduled for release in 2016. Once the director backed out, that’s when things took a turn towards the dreaded “delayed” territory.  Delayed is the next stop before the train hits “cancelled” station.

It now appears that the movie is back on track and should begin filming some time in 2017.  Once a director is finally in place, the project can begin anew and – potentially – hit movie theaters at the end of 2018. In fact, Fox Studios has a spot in November of 2018 for an X-Men movie.

Stay tuned to as further news about Gambit develops…


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