Introducing, Gambling Apes!

Gambling Bear Featured Image
We could (and we certainly love to) talk about nfts all day: Minting, collecting, art medium; it just keeps going! But today’s NFt feature – Gambling APes – are specifically known for their rarity and their expansive utility. Why not own a piece of the 7,777 character collection?
owning an Ape also gains you access to the estate in the decentraland Metaverse. Once Minting is complete, there are plans to develop a casino. The casino profits will go directly to the ape owners (You!) Additionally, owners gain access to exclusive events and tournaments not open to the public!
That’s not even close to all the utility. What’s a casino without a whole ton of gambling? The casino will host weekly competitions (Poker, Blackjack, Betting, Draftkings etc.) on Thursday nights. Ape owners participate for free! They also get access to tips from tipsters with proven track records across different sports and events. Feel like stepping out? Ape owners are invited to two meetups in 2021: Las Vegas in September and Miami in December!
The Mint will take place in early September 2021 (the exact date will be announced shortly in our Discord, linked below). During this event you can mint your own Ape at a cost of 0.077 ETH.
In terms of the team, they have worked with great artists to create authentic and unique pieces of art. Each member is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of delivering on roadmaps. The focus over the last few months has been entirely on execution, and they will continue to be very public and transparent with regards to everything they do. The project is a group effort – the team and the community are uniquely positioned!