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Gardens and Gears Steampunk Faire – Milwaukee, WI

steampunk faire

Historic Mitchell Park Domes hosted their 2nd Steampunk Faire – Gardens and Gears on 22 February, 2015.  Despite Polar Bear Plunge weather, Wisconsinites (and steamers from surrounding states) arrived to display their Steampunk gear and gadgets while adorned in incredible Victorian garb.  Well, OK…not everyone was decked out in Victorian… Steampunk Deadpool showed up and wreaked havoc with displays of non-dapper behavior.  Gotta keep an eye on that guy…

This family friendly event touted trains, artists, vendors, face painting, music and entertaining dancing by steampunk (belly) dancers doing the hootchy-kootchy.   There was a flaming steampunk musical machine, airship cadets, steampunk train, Victorian stage acts and fab gears, gadgets and top hats galore. Apparently Sundays attendance completely desolated last years event despite the cold!  There were quite a few onlookers who came just to take in the costumes!  Bob and Michele Sommers from New Berlin, WI were just a few among many that came to check out the costume display,  stating they enjoyed the steampunk cosplayers roaming the three domes.

Best cosplay news ever – the events here cost less than $10 to attend (9am – 4pm).  Normal ‘event’ costs (where posed pics are taken) are over $60 for the first hour and thereafter you need to work out an hourly cost – making this the perfect type of event if you want desert or tropical pics in your steampunk cosplay costume album.  A great deal!

Mitchell Park Domes resident artist and coordinator is a fabulously creative ‘geek’ behind this amazing brainchild of costume events at the 3 Domes, Burt Gross!   A round of cosplay thanks and congrats for such a phenomenal event.  Other brilliantly planned events – 27 February, Restaurants Under Glass (for foodies), 7 March, Germany Under Glass, 15 March, Irish Family Day, and for Disney cosplayers – 29March, a Very Fairy Princess Day (totally go – there is going to be a ‘surprise’ guest in the show dome).

Looks like some great events are coming up!   NOTE:  Last month the domes hosted the Chinese New Years celebration highlighting the wonderfully bright Chinese traditional wear and traditions of the culture.

Burt, seriously well done!  Keep up the great events for cosplayers – maybe Anime or Hero day?  (shameless hint)  We’re game for anything you got!!!   Reasonably priced, fantastic photo op location, and wonderful cosplay attendance.  Such fantastic, enjoyable, friendly folks.   Check out the link below for more event details, dome info and pricing!

Great Steampunk event at the Mitchell Park Domes


Fantastic steam pack!
This guy is awesome! Not only did he fabricate his hat our of metal, this steamy hunk of musical machinery was his brilliant mind as well! Luv him!
Steampunk air cadet
Great parenting – get the whole fam involved!
Steampunk safari is so unique – super cool
Great gentleman and newsie cosplay
Great vendors booths
Casual steampunk – nice!
Steampunk Mockingbird – hoot hoot!
Very unique vendor items here – phenomenal!
Burt Gross, lead guy on all things artistic and creative at the Domes!
Nice guy – Anime fan who was having all the steampunks take pics with his anime friend! Great idea!
Love the dress, love the hose, love the shoes, love it, love it, love it!!!
Gadgetry and great accessories! Dragonflies are my fav!
Vendors leatherwork was top quality
My favorite from the tropical dome!
Full length does it justice!
Cosplay among the flora and fauna!
Almost like Downton Abbey!
SO GREAT! A man’s cosplay!




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