Geek Life: The Coolest Bookshelves of All-Time

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Sometimes, half the fun of a collection is finding an awesome new way to show it off.  Sure, traditional bookshelves packed with graphic novels and trades look cool–but imagine how much cooler it would be to have these  awesome shelves instead.


Designed by Ryo Matsui Architects for the comic shop Tokyo’s Tokyo, these shelves are designed to look like the pages of a comic book, complete with panels, gutters and truly awesome text bubbles.

The floor displays mimic the look of stacked comic books with differing heights to look like they’re being leafed through.

Overall, an awesome way to display comics.  Now, to send the pictures off to my carpenter/father and see if he’d like to do a bit of father/daughter bonding over power tools…

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I must admit, those shelves are pretty awesome.

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