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Genuine Comics double feature: Ajax Awakening & Dreamgirl Kickstarter Preview

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Double the feature, double the fun, double the heroes, but don’t double the price. Genuine and Short Fuse Media Group is back with a new double feature and much like their other campaigns they’re already revved up and ready to rock! #WeAlwaysDeliver is in full effect.

I’ve done multiple reviews for writer Dave Brink and his title Earthling, I love his character and his character base within that world, so the fact that he brought it to Short Fuse Media and is set to mingle his universe with another outstanding universe is something that brings joy to the depth of my heart. Although Earthling has a built in message about veganism Brink was always able to make his comics comparable to any other superhero and made the main character relatable in any situation. With that fact in mind I thought that his new endeavor into two new worlds was ambitions but I know that Brink has it in him to make these new characters something amazing.

Ajax is a titan type of a character that currently lives in a parallel universe like Earth, while Dreamgirl can move between the real world and dream world. Their both stewards of their realms or dimensions, or whatever you call their spaces, and the similarities are there, but the difference are enough to warrant a separate campaign for each. The fact that Brink doesn’t split these up and run separate campaigns is proof that not only Genuine Comics but Short Fuse Media Group truly care about customers and customer satisfaction.

Speaking of customer satisfaction. There are a ton of seriously great rewards and all of them are at rock bottom pricing. I feel like I’m a 90’s appliance salesman but seriously, “these prices are currrrrazzzzzzyyyyy!” plenty of digital options, PDF’s that cover the entirety of Earthling, and of course both of the double featured comics that are being funded. Other than digital rewards there are print copies, mini posters, prints, and other goodies directly from the artists involved in both projects. What I like about the artist featured rewards is the fact that showcases the artists as part of the team, of course we always know the writers are involved on a certain level so seeing stuff like a writers entire catalog in PDF isn’t something new, but seeing prints and posters from artists gives the artists a true stake in the funding and helps to showcase their skills.

If crowdfunding is favorite pastime for you like it is for me you should check out the Kickstarter for Genuine Comics Double Feature today!

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