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Geoff Johns is DC Entertainment’s New President

President Geoff Johns
President Geoff Johns
President Geoff Johns

Apparently, DC Entertainment has a new president.  That would be none other than DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns.  He will still report to President Diane Nelson.

Johns role with DC has been steadily increasing in the recent past, having taken on roles not only with comic books but in the cinematic department as well.  He is currently helping on the Justice League movie, along with John Berg, to create a film that fan will love.  We also have San Diego Comic Con as a very recent memory, having just wrapped up last weekend and with it a whole slew of releases and teasers and trailers that were received with overwhelming reception by fans and a lot of that is due to the work Johns has done with the cinematic side of the house.  With this in mind, it is not out of the ordinary that a promotion would come at this time.

Geoff Johns

An official statement or notice from DC and Warner Brothers has yet to be released but will be on the WB Press Release site, as soon as it is drafted and official:  The news came overnight from the website Bleedingcool.

Here is how the hierarchy at DC Entertainment currently stands with this news:

  • Bob Harras: Senior VP – Editor-in-Chief, DC Comics
  • • Diane Nelson: President
  • • Dan DiDio and Jim Lee: Co-Publishers
    Geoff Johns: President & Chief Creative Officer
    • Amit Desai: EVP, Business & Marketing Strategy, DTC and Global Franchise Management
    • Sam Ades: SVP – Direct to Consumer
    • Bobbie Chase: VP – Talent Development
    • Mark Chiarello: Senior VP – Art, Design & Collected Editions
    • John Cunningham: SVP, Sales & Trade Marketing VP – Content Strategy
    • Anne DePies: SVP, Business Strategy, Finance and Administration
    • Don Falletti: VP – Manufacturing Operations
    • Lawrence Ganem: VP – Editorial Administration & Talent Relations
    • Alison Gill: Senior VP – Manufacturing & Operations
    • Hank Kanalz: Senior VP – Editorial Strategy & Administration
    • Jay Kogan: VP – Legal Affairs
    • Dan Miron: Director, Sales Planning & Reporting
    • Nick Napolitano: VP – Manufacturing Administration
    • Eddie Scannell: VP – Consumer Marketing
    • Courtney Simmons: Senior VP – Publicity & Communications
    • Jim (Ski) Sokolowski: VP – Comic Book Specialty & Newsstand Sales Trade Marketing
    • Jack Mahan – VP – Business Affairs
    • Sandy Yi – VP, Global Franchise Management

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