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“Ghostbusters” Reboot gets new trailer


“Ghostbusters” Reboot gets New Trailer

They slimed us! All of us fans who were waiting to see how the new, rebooted Ghostbusters would turn out: well, today, Sony pictures has slimed us!  Though the trailer refers to the original film that came out over thirty years ago, all indications have been that the new film will not take place in the same universe as the original franchise. The word for that is reboot, people! Here we get a glimpse of our new team, scientists played by Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, as well as Leslie Jones, whose character does not seem to be a scientist, but is clearly the most street-smart of the bunch (and she has the car!)  The formula looks the same, and as a result the reboot looks pretty entertaining. Keep in mind, however, the original 1984 film is one of the most perfect comedies ever made.

Oh, Slimer is definitely back!!

That being said, producer Paul Feige and his marketing team have actually made it difficult to tell if this is a reboot or a continuation; after all, the trailer blurbs mention the scientists from those years ago, and they do show the old firehouse, but it seems that these ladies are coming up with all of their technology as if it’s brand new.

But the real question will be: do they have effortless chemistry of the old cast?

Check out the trailer:

Ghostbusters Trailer

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