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Gift Guide: For and From the Geek!

geek gift guide for Christmas and other holidays

Shopping for the geek in your life? Looking for a way to ease the non-geek into your lifestyle? These practical and relatively inexpensive gift ideas are versatile enough to work for both!

Superhero hoodies: Clothes can be boring gifts, but hoodies are totally in now! People love ‘em, I know I do. I’ve got more than I can count and I’m still always psyched to see another one. I’ve seen some so good they border on ready-to-go cosplay. The geek will probably be happy no matter which hero or villain it features, and for the non-geek, it’s still a smart piece of pop culture fashion.

Superhero cookware: Saying these Batman themed ice cube trays are cool is a pun that probably not even Mr. Freeze would touch, but they ARE just so damn cool! Is this Superman shot glass a little too detailed for the non geek? I think they’d still get a kick out of it. There is so much fun stuff like this out there, and hey, everybody’s got to eat right?

Jewelry: Sometimes I make fun of Green Lantern for having his power be magical jewelry, but no way would I ever be disappointed with a replica Green Lantern ring! Knick-knacks like that are definitely in the spirit of the holiday, and they make for a fun way to put up your superhero flag for other fans to see. For the non-geek, you can easily ninja in some nerdiness with more generic looking items. Try this Lilith (praise Lilith) True Blood pendant, or a nice pair of Wonder Woman style cuff bracelets.a light up green lantern ring could make a cool geek gift for the holidays!

Toys: For kids this is a no-brainer, at least I think. Do kids these days even play with toys anymore? I bet at least the really young ones do, and as comics get more adult the movies and merchandise make for better ways to spark a child’s imagination and interest. I know who definitely plays with toys though, college students! Hook them up with a Spider-Man beach ball or a Wolverine frisbee. If they play Humans vs. Zombies an Iron Man Nerf blaster will make them stand out in all the right ways!

Gift cards: I used to think they were an easy out, but surveys show that people really like them! I recently saw one where 9 out of 10 people said they’d prefer one even to a gift of greater value. You can also go the e-card route too or spring for Amazon credit. I’d recommend going to your local comic shop, it’s always nice to support local business. Challenge the non-geek to find something they’d enjoy, especially if your shop has a wide variety. If it’s for a comic reader, tell them not to use their extra budget on their pull list. Encourage them to try something new, or to pick up a collectible that they wouldn’t normally splurge on.

I think you’ll find these ideas perfect whether you are shopping for the geek in your life, or looking to include the non-geek in your hobby!

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How many Hoodies can one person wear Scorpio?




Great list!

Great ideas! Thanks!

No such thing as too many hoodies. Just like there's no such thing as too much 'Hoff. 🙂


I usually go one at a time, but I haven't tested myself yet!

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Great gift ideas. Really love to see this . Thank you

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