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Girl Meets, Girl Meets World


In honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m giving a nod to one of my favorite series growing up. Boy Meets World. You know that show with Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, and Mr. Feeny. The show about family, friends, love, and life. Yeah that show. I miss that show so much, but it’s okay though, because they made a spin off series. Girl Meets World. It follows the story of Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart.

Now, unlike the original series, where you have full side stories and not just the stories of Cory, you mostly follow Riley and Maya, it’s not a bad thing, just different then what I grew up with up. The show is still worth watching. The first season is currently out, just seven episodes, but already it is being renewed for a second for which I’m glad for. I’m excited to see these characters grow and I’m loving seeing Cory and Topanga again, not to mention the cameos that have had from both Mr. Feeny and Minkus.


Girl Meets World  

I also love the actress who is playing Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), she brings the tone down to counter act Riley’s (Rowan Blanchard) silliness. With new episode every Friday on the Disney Channel I may just have found a reason to watch TV again. A new episode airs tomorrow at 8pm ET.


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