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Tom Lintern is a genuinely nice guy. I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom and, along with my co-hosts Justin, Edwin and Chris, chat about his history in the industry (comic books, storyboards, and juggling multiple projects) his passions and influences and this book he brought to life, Girrion.

Published through Scout Comics, Girrion fits perfectly within their steadily growing library of hit titles such as Once Our Land, Henchgirl and Fish Eye.  Scout Comics has made it their mission to discover new talent and give them a platform from which they can share their talents with the world.  Tom told us that it was a scout of Scout’s that found him at a convention and made first contact once they saw what this book had to offer.

And it offers a lot.  Since initially working on the book back in the late 1990s, Lintern has groomed and shaped this character, their world and the story itself into a truly unique and exciting experience. The book follows Jarra, a factory worker living in an ancient city-sized ship. Jarra and his friends explore the mystery surround their ship, understanding that there are many secrets that remain unspoken and a rich history to unveil. But when a strange artifact is found and war breaks out, Jarra gets more than he hoped for with action, adventure and excitement.  We start off with Jarra and, as the story progresses, the world around him steadily grows. The way Lintern has set up the world allows us to explore and discover it at the same time that Jarra does.


Lintern not only writes the story and the plot but he also is the creator of each panel and piece of artwork. He told us that, because of this, it takes approximately 3 months to complete each issue. In the interview he told us he has some early roots and influence in H.R. Giger’s work, namely Aliens and keeps a manga influence in his art. This can be seen in the pages with a strong evocation of Hayao Miyazaki’s work (Howl’s Moving Castle) within the art. It works beautifully for this book and only succeeds by adding another layer of atmosphere to the story.


I highly recommend this title if you are looking for something outside of the normal superhero trope. If you like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, action, adventure and mystery then this is a book for you. If you like manga-esque artwork then Girrion is a title you should check out.  Besides, as I said at the beginning, Tom is a genuinely nice guy and how can you not want to support that?

Issue 4 will be out on January 25th, 2017.  Head to your local comic book shop and pick up a copy of this book. Also be sure to visit the Kickstarter and the official website for the book itself. Finally, head over to the Scout Comics website to see all the titles they have in their lineup.  Trust me, you will like what you see.

Here is the podcast interview.  To join our weekly show’s chats, and for other content such as this, head on over to the JLS Comics YouTube channel. The Podcast is live on Tuesday nights at 8:30p.m. EST.

(W) Tom Lintern (A/CA) Tom Lintern

The hottest new all-ages book continues! Girrion is a sweeping sci-fi fantasy story of a hero’s journey in a distant world in a distant time, a saga told through the eyes of Jarra, a poor factory worker who dreams of escaping his world of endless toil. His wish comes true, though not in a way he would have ever wanted, when his city is attacked by a dark entity called the Halodron. He escapes the conflict, but only to be thrust into a war of otherworldly magic and weaponry!

In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $3.99

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